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Indivisible’s Statement On the Current Debt Ceiling Deal

If Kevin McCarthy wants this bill to pass, it’s on him to prove that he has the promised Republican votes. If progressive votes are needed to pass this bill, then progressives will be ready to quickly land legislative improvements to earn them. That’s how governing works.

IN PHOTOS: MAGA Republicans Default Crisis Week of Action

Photos of Indivisibles across the country at rallies, protests, banner-drops, honk-and-waves, teach-ins, and more to ramp up pressure on key Republicans to stop the MAGA default crisis and demanding that they stop threatening veterans, seniors, children, and working families.

Indivisible Announces Week of Action: “Stop the MAGA Default Crisis”

Indivisible announced a week of action to stop the MAGA default crisis from May 19 to May 26, following Janet Yellen's announcement that the ‘U.S. Could Run Out of Cash by June 1.’ Indivisible is asking concerned constituents to hold rallies and protests at the offices of Republican Members of Congress, descend on town halls, and make their voices heard. 

President Biden’s 2024 Campaign Announcement

The stakes of the 2024 presidential election are high: MAGA extremism remains the political core of the Republican Party, and Donald Trump is already positioned as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. As President Biden laid out in his announcement today, we need a unified coalition to not only stand against MAGA extremists, but to fight for our abortion rights, our freedoms, and our democracy.

Indivisible on McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Plan: LOL. Good Luck.

After months of refusing to provide specifics about their hostage demands, we finally know what Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans want in exchange for doing the bare minimum to avert a financial catastrophe. And it's just as bad as we expected. Literally take food off the table of millions of families just trying to get by.