Demonstrators To Paulsen: Protect Robert Mueller

A group of about 50 demonstrators called on Rep. Erik Palsen (R-Minn.) last month to support special counsel Robert Mueller. Gathered near Paulsen’s Eden Prairie office on Aug. 23, the demonstrators carried signs asking Paulsen to protect the Mueller investigation and encouraging hims to withdraw his support from “Don the Con.”

The protest was organized by Denise Knights of Mound. Raised in a conservative household, she now identifies as a Democrat. “[The investigation] is a bipartisan issue,” she said in a Sun Current interview. “I’ve been knocking on doors in my district since April, about three days a week, two hours a night, just talking to neighbors, because I felt like we were so divisive.

“We’re all neighbors, and we all want the same things, and one of the things I kept hearing over and over again from people was that they’re scared,” Knights added. “The Mueller investigation is the most important thing we need to keep our eye on.”

Paulsen has previously expressed support for Mueller’s investigation, calling it a “step forward in restoring public confidence.”

But Paulsen has not voiced opposition to a recent amendment to a government spending package that limits the scope of the investigation and ends funding for the probe six months after the legislation’s passage. Nor has Paulsen spoken out against President Trump’s suggestion that he might dismiss Mueller.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named Mueller as the special counsel in May. Mueller is investigating ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian interference into last year’s presidential election.

According to a recent NPR poll, most Americans believe that Trump acted either unethically or illegally with Russia. The same holds true of American opinions on Trump’s campaign associates.

If Paulsen allows Mueller’s investigation to be shut down or constricted, demonstrations like the one in Eden Prairie will likely grow. Knights said she found last month’s turnout heartening. “Obviously, this is important to other people, because we’re here.”

Featured image via YouTube.

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