Desperate To Improve Paulsen’s Image, GOP Leadership Appoints Him Chairman Of Joint Economic Committee  

Earlier this month, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) appointed Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) to chair the Joint Economic Committee (JEC). The JEC is responsible for analyzing economic conditions and recommending economic policy improvements. Both House and Senate members sit on the Committee.

Paulsen said that as chair, he’ll work to improve job creation and salary growth. “The JEC has a long history of bringing together the best ideas from both parties and both chambers to advise Congress on how to grow our economy and promote trade, innovation, entrepreneurship and economic opportunity for all Americans, and I look forward to leading these discussions in my new role,” he said.

The GOP is wary of Paulsen’s chances in the upcoming midterm elections. The Third Congressional District that he represents is sharply divided. In the 2016 presidential contest, the district chose Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, but nevertheless sent Paulsen to D.C.

By appointing Paulsen to a significant leadership position, party leadership is probably attempting to improve his image - and his chances for victory in the fall election.

It’s important to remember and to remind others who Paulsen really is: not the chair of some innocuous economic committee, but the Congressman who pushed to repeal the medical device tax (which could leave a $20 billion hole in the federal budget); who gave the ultra-rich a massive tax cut; and who made it easier to bring concealed weapons across state lines.

Featured image via YouTube.

One thought on “Desperate To Improve Paulsen’s Image, GOP Leadership Appoints Him Chairman Of Joint Economic Committee  

  1. This action should drive voters to the polls and there are NO Laws or rules to prevent ALL Voters from casting their ballots to drive this disease from office. Tell everyone you know that this is a critical moment for their votes and voice to be heard this November! Lets get out the vote!

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