Paulsen’s Movement On Guns Is Too Little, Too Late

Last week, in the wake of yet another school shooting, Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) finally moved to support stronger gun control measures. Paulsen expressed support for a ban on bump stocks, the trigger modification device that allows shooters to transform their semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons.

Last year, a shooter armed with a bump stock-equipped firearm killed 58 people and wounded 851 during a concert in Las Vegas. Momentum to ban bump stocks stalled in Congress last year. But the debate over bump stocks and other gun control measures has reignited since a shooter killed 17 at a Florida high school earlier this month.

Paulsen also said he would support more active engagement on the subject of gun violence from federal research agencies. The CDC, for instance, has been all but forbidden from studying gun deaths and their causes by a 1996 amendment. Since 2015, various organizations have called for the amendment to be repealed, including Doctors for America, the American College of Preventive Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Finally, Paulsen offered his support for stronger background checks and gun violence restraining orders, in which a court forbids certain high-risk individuals from purchasing a gun.

But Dean Phillips, Paulsen’s main challenger in the upcoming election, said that Paulsen’s movement on gun violence is too little, too late. Paulsen has voted against stricter gun control measures over 13 times and, he’s accepted over $20,000 from the NRA. Phillips called on Paulsen to give the money back.

Featured image via YouTube.

One thought on “Paulsen’s Movement On Guns Is Too Little, Too Late

  1. Paulsen, give the money back? NEVER and NEVER REFUSE THE MONEY! Why do you think he has the job that he has? It certainly isn’t to vote his constituents interests.

    I also find it interesting that neither Paulsen or Phillips seem interested in banning AR-15’s and other Assault weapons. That one move would be the greatest deterrent to these mass slaughter and should rank #1.

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