Most Of Paulsen’s Donors Are Outside His District

On the heels of last week’s report that most of Rep. Erik Paulsen’s campaign contributions come from corporations and rich donors comes a further revelation: only 25 percent of Paulsen’s donations in 2017 came from donors in Paulsen’s Third Congressional District. The rest of the donations came from 363 individuals and 649 PACs, most of whom were out of state. Those individuals donated over $350,000, while the PACs donated $1,136,891.

And those are only the 2017 totals. Since Paulsen became the district’s Representative in 2008, he’s taken millions from special interest groups and relatively little from the 433,000 people in his district.

The analysis comes via a City Pages reader, John Albers. “Only 800 individuals and 649 PAC’s are funding Paulsen’s 2017-2018 election cycle to date,” Albers writes, “and most are out-of-state. It needs to be asked: Who does the congressman really represent?”




2 thoughts on “Most Of Paulsen’s Donors Are Outside His District

  1. It looks like Paulson is starting his Robo-calls early this year. So far I’ve received 2 messages that he plans another “listen to me and not question me” session in the near future. When you actually pick up on the call, the recorded message continues and does not allow any response at all.

    I sincerely would like to see Indivisible set up a similar Robo-Call with calls going TO PAULSEN and inviting him to appear LIVE at any time or place. Of course he won’t show up but it would give him a taste of his own insulting behavior.

    Either Way: REJECT PAULSEN is my suggestion for buttons or bumper stickers.

    • Sorry, I thought I was posting a new message, not adding to your post. Please feel free to move my message to its own location on the site.

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