DFL Endorses Dean Phillips For Congress

Dean Phillips was named the Democratic Farmer-Labor’s candidate for the Third Congressional District earlier this month, and will face Rep. Erik Paulsen (R) in the midterm election this fall. Phillips, a businessman with experience in the gelato and liquor industries, has been building his grassroots campaign for almost a year now, and now boasts 763 … Continue reading DFL Endorses Dean Phillips For Congress

Paulsen Supports Draconian Budget Cuts

In a new piece for City Pages, Susan Du takes aim at Minnesota’s Republican Representatives and their concerted attack on our nation’s already threadbare social safety net. According to Du, Paulsen and his GOP counterparts are poised to enact tax reform legislation that enriches the wealthiest Americans while leaving the middle class with little or … Continue reading Paulsen Supports Draconian Budget Cuts

Erik Paulsen’s Chances In 2018 Look Slim

In a recent piece for Alpha News, conservative writer John Gilmore argues that Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) is vulnerable in next year’s midterm elections. Paulsen, Gilmore says, is in “a permanent, defensive crouch.” As evidence, he points to the fact that Paulsen bailed on a Fourth of July appearance and hasn’t held a town hall … Continue reading Erik Paulsen’s Chances In 2018 Look Slim