Edina Seniors Oppose The Paulsen Tax Bill

Under the guise of “tax reform” legislation, the Senate voted Saturday to pass a massive suite of tax cuts for corporations and the 1 percent. Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) took a leading role in developing the House version of this tax bill, which eliminates deductions for medical expenses, state and local sales and income taxes, … Continue reading Edina Seniors Oppose The Paulsen Tax Bill

Paulsen Supports Draconian Budget Cuts

In a new piece for City Pages, Susan Du takes aim at Minnesota’s Republican Representatives and their concerted attack on our nation’s already threadbare social safety net. According to Du, Paulsen and his GOP counterparts are poised to enact tax reform legislation that enriches the wealthiest Americans while leaving the middle class with little or … Continue reading Paulsen Supports Draconian Budget Cuts

Even Trump Admits The AHCA Is Garbage

President Donald Trump has reversed himself on his party’s healthcare bill this week, calling it “mean” and emphasizing the need for something “more generous.” At a lunch meeting with Republican senators at the White House Tuesday, Trump suggested the Senate needed to “add more money” to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in order to … Continue reading Even Trump Admits The AHCA Is Garbage