Our Congressman has “ED”!

water-tower“ED” or “Erik Dysfunction”  = a Congressman out of touch with the health care needs of his constituents.

Erik Paulsen recently said “The Bill (AHCA) I proudly supported is a good step toward health care that actually works.”  Really Erik?  This is the same Bill that only a small number of constituents support and will leave millions without health insurance.

Concerned about where our country is heading? You’re not alone. Join others who care about what’s happening to democracy, equality, human rights, sustainability, and other important topics.

It’s okay if you’ve never been to a protest march, or town hall meeting – most of us haven’t either. We are average Edina citizens, your neighbors from all walks of life, engaging in the political process.

Together, we can make a difference.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?
We are an inclusive group that welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We are not affiliated with any political party. The only requirement for membership is concern about the Trump agenda and Congressman Erik Paulsen’s extreme right voting record.
Our Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful
  • Be positive
  • Be patient

How do I join and where do we meet?

You can do either of these:

Who Owns Erik Paulsen?

Who has donated to Erik Paulsen in 2017?